2019 Vintage: healthy grapes everywhere in Calabria


In Calabria in 2019 has begun the harvest of some varieties of white grapes

Based on the first data collected, in the entire region, the first photograph of the Vigneto Calabria records healthy grapes everywhere, a good amount even if slightly lower than the 2018 harvest but higher than 2017 and in any case in the disciplinary parameters and with an optimal sugar level.


As said, the harvest of white grapes began for the production of sparkling wines and aromatic whites.

In fact, at the request of Coldiretti, the Calabria Region, Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Resources with Executive Decree No. 8987 of 25/07/2019 has set forth advanced harvest operations to 25 July 2019 , due to the effects of the climatic trend that led to an early maturation of some varieties of white grapes (Chardonnay, Sauvignon B, Traminer Aromatico and Manzoni Bianco) on the territory of the Calabria Region.

Calabrian Vineyard

Therefore it is already a feast in the vineyards and cellars and the previous slight delay that occurred in the maturation of the grapes, has gradually been canceled.

After suffering the precipitations and the low temperatures of April and May, these days Calabria is dealing with high temperatures – the Coldiretti experts point out – and this obliges the winemakers to keep the situation under control for the black grapes, avoiding the risk of infections during the vegetative phase.


Those “beautiful grapes“ are what the winemakers are defending well, demonstrating their professionalism, so that it is concrete the possibility of meeting a wine year more than satisfactory and a record for quality.

From the “Calabrian Vineyard” job opportunities for 13 thousand people are born directly engaged in fields, wineries and commercial distribution, but also in related and service activities, for a turnover that rose in 2018 to about 100 million, thanks to growth in value of exports and quality consumption that Calabrese wine now ensures.

A feast for Calabria

The wine army – points out Coldiretti – ranges from winegrowers to wineries and commercial distribution, but also to related activities that have spread to the most diverse areas: from the glass industry to the cork industry. Further, many sub-sectors are growing: transport, insurance, accessories (such as corkscrews and various gadgets), packaging, research, training to dissemination, wine tourism, cosmetics, wellness market, publishing, advertising, software programs, and bioenergy obtained from residues of pruning and by-products of winemaking (lees, marc and stalks).

Biodiversity of Calabrian Gastronomy



The “flag of taste” nr. 9 was assigned this year, 2019, at the table of Calabria. This is what emerged from the new census 2019 of the Italian food & beverage specialties, that are obtained according to traditional rules protracted over time for at least 25 years.
The census was presented by Coldiretti at the opening of the Coldiretti Farmer’s Village in Milan at Castello Sforzesco, athe presence of many farmers, farmer’s markt operators and agri-chef.

A plenty of specialties

The exhibition introduced many historical recipes, and the sub-exhibitions, connected to this bigger event, made known many treasures to save, hidden in the Made in Italy.
At the event, there was a large representation of Calabrian farmers, who exhibited and made taste some of the most famous agricultural products of Calabria: liquorice, figs, Dop salami, Spilinga nduja pasta, bergamot, cheeses, cedar, chilli pepper and many others.

Colors of gastronomy


In our region – said Franco Aceto regional president of Coldiretti – the products surveyed by the region are 269 that are part of the heritage of specialties that are obtained according to traditional rules extended over time for at least 25 years. These are paired with the 17 Dop and Igp Calabresi specialties.

Salami, Bergamot, Wine, Cheese, Bread

This is the result of the work of entire generations of farmers committed to defending and preserving biodiversity and the distinctiveness of the territory and food traditions over time “, continued Aceto, who also stressed that “it is a common good for all citizens and a cultural heritage that generates considerable interest and that we can proudly offer to Italian and foreign tourists also because they are evocative of stories and territories“.

The census of food products in our region – suggested Aceto – “must accelerate and continue because there is still a rich heritage of biodiversity and products that can be put to value with undisputed benefits. We need to consolidate the new development model of Calabria, basing it on the strengths that are its own historical and artistic heritage, the landscape and the food.

Biscuits, spirits, wine, pastry

“The regional specialties of Calabria are – according to Coldiretti – 85 different types of pasta, bread and bakery products, 28 types of meat, 24 cheeses, and further: 73 vegetable or processed products, 12 compound dishes or gastronomic products, 7 beverages (including soft drinks), liqueurs and spirits, 11 products of animal origin (honey, dairy excluding butter, etc.) and 21 preparations of fish, molluscs and crustaceans “.